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Maintaining the Legal Standards

Working as a sourcing company means we fall subject to the Estate Agents Act 1979

This means we need to be compliant with the right governing bodies to ensure that You are protected and that all business is conducted in good faith and 100% above board.


In order to provide You with an adequate form of recourse should anything not go to plan, we are registered with the PRS who will handle any complaints should we not be able to resolve them with you directly.

PRS Number: PRS022529


Information Commissioner’s Office. We are registered with the ICO and follow their procedures when handling Your sensitive data, ensuring it is not seen or used by anyone who should not have access to it.

ICO Number: ZA764592


As a part of providing a tailored service to You, we understand the risks associated with investing in property. Whilst every care is taken to ensure that things do not go wrong, there is still a possibility that this could happen. We are fully protected with professional indemnity insurance to ensure that any compensation for losses as a result of any negligence can be paid out to You.


Anti-Money Laundering. Property is the Number 1 vehicle for laundering money. We are registered with HMRC for AMLS supervision and as such conduct checks on all client funds that pass through our accounts or, through our services, are passed on to others. This means checking that the money coming into the country can be used for purchasing property. The great news here is the money will be checked twice when changing currencies as our power team members responsible for the currency exchange also have to conduct checks as part of their FCA regulation.

Company Number: 12477447

No Claims

Thus far we are proud to say that we have not received any complaints or claims against us. we have the compliance in place to protect you and us, but rest assured that every care is taken to prevent business ever getting to that stage.